The most prominent and outstanding product of ACEM company, This product have been received by many customers

ACEM smooth surface roof tile offers customers exquisite smoothness and affordable price



Hotline: 024.35655.463

Quang: 093.236.9534

Tuyền: 096.689.8999

Chiến: 090.414.4645

Miền Trung: 0977297369

Red tone

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color tile for 


Smooth surface roof tile

: 424 x 335 mm

: 9 tile/m2




Color warranty   

: 3.3 kg/ Tile

10 year color tile


Traditional red tone

AC 71014
AC 71017
AC 71020
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Modern blue and black tone

AC 01
AC 841
AC 623
AC 636
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Nobility brown tone

AC 02
AC 583
AC 589
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Gray and Green tone

AC 710
AC 723
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AC 847
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Guide video

How to install smooth surface ACEM roof tile

Install ACEM roof tile method in less than 4 min

Guide to get 10 year color warranty

Quick and simple guide in just 2 min

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Tile accessories

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Địa chỉ: Số 2110, Tòa nhà HH2, Trung Văn, Từ Liêm, HN
Chi nhánh miền Trung: KCN Đắc Lộc, Nha Trang

Kinh doanh miền Bắc: +84.24.35655463 - 0932369534
Kinh doanh miền Trung: 0977297369

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