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Repaint old, faded color roof tile
Save time, reduce costs

No roof tile products can last forever with time
Faded color roof tile is undesirable due to different reasons such as poor paint quality, extreme weather conditions, or over long periods of use.

Although old and faded roof tile affects the overall beauty of the house, however, but the replacement of new roof tile can be extremely expensive and time consuming.

In order to minimize the amount of money and time for our customers, ACEM company has introduced a new service: repaint the old roof tile, return the house beauty with the shortest time and the cheapest price.


For more information, please contact ACEM company

Hotline: 0904982522 - +84.24.35655463




Hotline: 024.35655.463 VND

Optical: 093.236.9534

Tuyen: 096,689.8999 VND

Battle: 090.414.4645

Central:  0977297369

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