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4 layers make up ACEM color tiles

Nano film layer  

Intermediate color paint layer

Alkaline resistant primer

Cement Tiles

Outstanding advantages of ACEM . color tiles

With more than 15 years of material production experience 
construction, along with special painting techniques
based on automotive coating technology, color tile
ACEM is the only product on the market
Color warranty for customers up to 10 years



Hotline: 024.35655.463 VND

Central:  0977297369

ACEM color tile products have automatic paint spraying system, 
help ensure paint quality, avoid paint film uneven  even, color variegated....

Hand painted tile with many spots on the surface

Automatic paint spraying system

Automatic paint tiles help to ensure  stability on painted surface

Reinforced interwoven PP yarn  inside  roofing tile

High tenacity with PP yarn

ACEM tile products are reinforced with synthetic fibers  from Polypropylene (also known as PP fiber) makes the tile  resistant to pressure from external shocks as well as  in extreme weather conditions, especially in the central region

Completely resistant to UV rays

UV rays cause oxidation by light,  cause the painted surface of the tile to crack easily, and make the film  paint loses shine, color fades quickly

Using a special type of nano substance, the product  ACEM colored tiles have the ability to continuously remove the  compounds that cause oxidation in UV light,  stabilize the paint film through a circular process  closed chemical reaction

Self-cleaning feature when it rains

Nano coating of ACEM . colored tiles  make the product capable of automation  Clean the dirt on the tile surface every time it rains

The most superior cleaning feature on the product  ACEM smooth tile products due to the combination of  smooth tile surface with nano paint film

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