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Color Tile ACEM

Brand only warranty

10 years color

Paint film is the most important factor to determine the quality of tile on the market, a good tile but with a poor coating will make its value decrease.

To ensure customers receive the highest quality products  as well as the best remuneration policy,  color tile ACEM  proud  is a brand  ONLY  on the market  10 years color warranty for customers

variety of colors,
Feel free to choose
Repaint the old tile
Cost savings  
Shorten time

Fading is an inevitable situation of many houses after a long time of use

ACEM Company would like to introduce a completely new service: RECOVERY OTHER TILES  for any house  Come on, return the inherent beauty in the shortest and cheapest time

Customers  Want to find a tile color of your own but there is no place that sells the tile color you want?

So try to come to ACEM color tile, here you can order any color tile as required without paying any extra.

ANY surcharge

Consulting information

Hướng dẫn bảo hành 10 năm ngói màu ACEM

Ngói màu ACEM - thương hiệu duy nhất bảo hành màu 10 năm

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