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Advantages of ACEM roof  tile

4 layers make an ACEM roof tile

Nano Coating

Finishing Paint

Alkali-resisting Primer

Concrete roof tile

Advantages of ACEM roof  tile

Owning nearly 15 years of experience in inquiry and manufacturing concrete building materials, with a coating based on automotive coating technology, ACEM roof tile is the only brand currently in Vietnam that guarantees 10 year color warranty for our customer.

ACEM roof tile is painted completely on an automatic line, making the paint surface evenly, beautifully and most importantly, providing color stability on the roof tile.

Paint roof tile by hand lead to many patch on the surface

Automatic production line

Paint roof tile by automatic line make the surface evenly

PVA reinforce the inside of ACEM roof tile

High strength with PVA fiber

ACEM roof tile are made from cement and PVA reinforced fiber. This is an advanced fiber reinforcement, which makes the roof tile stronger and lighter than many previous traditional roof tile products.



Hotline: 024.35655.463 VND

Optical: 093.236.9534

Tuyen: 096,689.8999 VND

Battle: 090.414.4645

Central:  0977297369

UV rays resistant

UV rays cause oxidation by light, which makes the paint surface cracked easily, and makes paint film lose gloss, fade color quickly.

Using a special type of Nano coating, ACEM roof tile product is capable of continuously removing the compounds that cause oxidation in UV light, stabilizing the paint film through a closed-loop chemical reaction process.

Self-cleaning in rain

The nano coating of ACEM roof tile helps automatically remove dirt on the surface of the roof tile in raining wheather.

The best washing performance on smooth acrylic tile products due to the combination of smooth tile surface with nano paint film.

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